The final countdown – 3 Days left to have your say on a ban for Conversion Therapy

Today it’s still legal for LGBTQIA+ people in the UK & NI to be subjected to conversion therapy.

Conversion therapy is coercive and abhorrent and does not work. You cannot change an LGBTQIA+ person from being who they are, and to try to do so causes lasting damage.

Thanks to years of campaigning, the UK Government has now published detailed proposals to ban conversion therapy and a consultation seeking your views.

This is our chance to make sure the ban protects every LGBTQIA+ person from abuse. There must be NO exemptions, NO more delays and NO excuses.

These proposals and any legislation delivered from them will only apply to England and Wales. However, individual and organisational responses from Northern Ireland to the UK Government consultation will be considered and sent to the Northern Ireland Executive to inform work already underway by the Department for Communities, which we are supporting.

This is an important opportunity for us to influence the steps being taken across these Islands to deliver a meaningful and effective ban on conversion therapy, ensuring consistent protections from these harmful practices exist in law across jurisdictions. That’s why it is so important that there are responses from Northern Ireland to this consultation and why we’re encouraging you to respond to the consultation.

Can you set aside 30 minutes to fill in the UK Government’s consultation before 10 December 2021? Course you can!  But not sure where to start? Then don’t panic – our friends at Ban Conversion Therapy UK have produced detailed guidance to help you to complete it. We are encouraging you to write a response in your own words.

The consultation deadline is Friday 10 December 2021 – so there is no time to lose! Make your mark and tell the UK Government that it is time to end the harm of Conversion Therapy.

Click here to view the guidance from Ban Conversion Therapy UK.

Ban Conversion Therapy NI has produced a quick glance review for consultation which you can view below


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