The Rainbow Project response to EHRC statements on upcoming LGBTQ+ legislation in the United Kingdom

Yesterday’s statements from the EHRC are an unwelcome and unwarranted attack on Trans equality. We believe that these two statements (one in response to the call for a ban on conversion therapy and the Gender Recognition act in Scotland) are actively seeking to exclude Trans people from improved rights and important legal protections. Trans Rights are Human rights. The Comments from EHRC undermine their core purpose of promoting and upholding equality and human rights. Do the rights of LGBTQIA and specifically Trans people not warrant support from EHRC?

The EHRC have not reflected the UK Government’s own research or the expert opinion of the UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity on conversion therapy and gender recognition. They have not listened to the lived experiences of Trans people, who have suffered under the failing system of Trans health care and increasing transphobia and misogyny throughout the UK.

We must have no further delays, loopholes or excuses to implementing gender recognition reform in Scotland and beyond or in banning the inhumane practice of conversion therapy. Our communities need and deserve strong human rights institutions to hold people to account and ensure that human rights for all are embedded in legislation.

We will continue to call on the Prime Minister of Great Britain, First Minister and deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, and First Minister of Scotland and their ministers to ensure legal recognition and protection.

We stand with the Trans Community, with our colleagues across the UK and Scotland that are rightly unsettled by these statements and reassure the LGBTQIA+ community that we will continue to fight for equality and justice for all.


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