LGBTQIA? Need Housing Support?– We can help you!

The Rainbow Project is relaunching its Housing Support service in October 2021 have recruited a new LGBTQIA Housing officer – Éaibhín Brady. Their role is to support and advocate on behalf of those at risk of homelessness or housing stress, particularly within the LBGTQIA+ community. 

This service will help people in a variety of ways, from helping find accommodation to advice on benefits. 

Éaibhín will be at the heart of this new plan and will be carrying out vital work in this area, as well as helping to carry out research into the impact of homelessness on LGBTQIA+ people in the North, who are often overlooked when it comes to studying and tackling the effects of homelessness. 

Éaibhín is keen to help people from all walks of life, and is particularly eager to work with those living under the effects of poverty or social exclusion. Having grown up in social housing, she is acutely aware of the importance of a secure home for people who are facing economic and social barriers. Éaibhín strongly believes in an open-minded, non-judgmental approach when it comes to working with people who come from lots of different backgrounds and who are facing hardship. 

Éaibhín’s previous work experience includes working in the homeless sector, as well as providing direct support for those reliant on the benefits system. She has also worked with organisations in the past to campaign for better housing for all and more inclusive society in the North. 

You can contact Éaibhín by

Email: housing@rainbow-project.og  

Telephone: 02890 319030

Mobile: 07842 613717

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