100ft Abseil off of Belfast Castle

Just to put it to perspective we spend approximately:

– £1,400 on rapid HIV & syphilis tests per year
– £500 on condoms & lube PER MONTH
– £100 on postage fees per month to get free condoms & lube to LGBT people all across Northern
– £70 per month on travel to and from clinics outside of Belfast
– £60 per month on food for volunteers

And that’s just SOME of the costs for just ONE post in The Rainbow Project. The gist of it is, it costs a lot of money to support our community!

So I’ll be happy to jump off a building (never mind, I’m pretty afraid of heights – and being 5ft nothing nearly everything is a great height to me -) if you’ll dig deep to help support us!

£100 of £200 raised

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